What happens when a new member of a family has been born?

We need a family adaptation. The language education to live in peace and love is needed. Mothers know very well how to do this. They welcome a child to give it to the world itself.

By dr elizabethoropeza

Cultivating our devotion to the family


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Our nature is very fragile. That is, we are like clay, but even so, we can also achieve great goals if we welcome God with all of our mind and heart. Thus, we could make our marriage glorify in a way as God expects and as society needs it. Since it is easier to let us do according to His will, making us one heart to live for one another than to follow our vain and even cruel selfishness.

This ends in a misfortune for the children and puts a cry of pain in his mind and in his soul, because many times we unload on them our faults and ambitions not achieved, educational voids of values and virtues. When they would have to represent and be, the most beautiful fruit of our committed love and responsible parenthood. Since many times they pay the price of our immature unions and unjustified separations or divorces.

This reminds me not only of Manuel Iceta, but of Father Henri Caffarel, who aroused the enthusiasm of the spouses before the greatness of the Sacrament of Marriage. And for him, no effort or sacrifice is too great (2).

“Spouses are called to collaborate with God the Creator and Father. God who manifests himself in them as the Master and Lord of all creation. … “Human life is sacred because from its origin, it involves the creative action of God”. Therefore, every conceived child reveals a unique face of God’s goodness and action. That is, the embryo, from its conception, is entrusted to our humanity. If their existence, sometimes wounded, enters ours, is to say: “Love me as I am.” (3)

Cultivating our humanity, being aware of our place, our dignity and also of others will live happy in the truth, starting from humility. Without having to detract from our self-esteem. It helps us to realize what we are: greatness in authentic love and poverty, according to our miseries.

Being a good and beautiful vessel is what we could become for others, starting from our family, because we can all improve. Be it in attitudes, behaviors, etc.

But,  it is not to educate us from simplistic positions, but to motivate ourselves and not pushing ourselves, because we are not robots until we achieve people who love and respect others, not being permissive but with certain limits that respect their freedom, abilities, and dignity.  As Joseph Hoffer mentions, talking about a tender devotion to the family (4).

Which, if we realize, leads us to honor our parents, especially if we have felt loved, forgiven and cultivated the gifts received.


(1) Iceta, Manuel. Let it be.

(2) Allemand, Jean: “Henry Caffarel: a man captive of God. “Your love without exigency diminishes me; Your demand without love rebels me; Your demand without patience discourages me; Your demanding love makes me grow. “

(3) Excerpts from Father Alain Matthews s.j. and of Priscilla and Jean-Louis Simons at the X International Encounter of Equipes Notre Dame (END) on marriage 2006.

(4) Hoffer, Joseph. Educating ourselves in spirit and family.

By dr elizabethoropeza

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By dr elizabethoropeza